Our Story

I grew up in Ocala, just about two miles from Granny and Granddaddy’s house on Ft. King Street. What a blessing it was to be their grandson. Some of my happiest memories are during my childhood with my grandparents. It was such a special time in my life and I believe theirs too. I fondly remember fishing in the Gulf, going to Gator games, playing in the waves at Daytona, and most of all swimming with them in their pool. Such wonderful, happy memories that only grandchildren can experience with their grandparents.

Some of my most vivid memories I have with Granddaddy took place behind this store in the orange grove. I recall beginning at age ten, too young to get a summer job anywhere else, I was ‘volunteered’ to come work with him in the grove. Weekdays throughout each summer I would dread hearing the horn on his old Toyota truck at 8:00AM. His trademark “honk-honk” meant Granddaddy was at our house ready to pick me up and head out here for the day’s work. And the work was difficult. Planting, weeding, hoeing, and watering on Monday. Tuesday the same. On and on. Slowly our trees grew and matured. Eventually, our hard work paid off, just as Granddaddy had predicted years before. Not only was Granddaddy my boss and mentor all those years out here, but he was my granddad and friend.


My best friend. I wish today I could hear the “honk-honk” of his old truck just one more time knowing it was Granddaddy behind the wheel.

I am proud and humbled to call Pat and Marion Roche my Granny and Granddaddy. I have been greatly blessed.


I hope that throughout the coming years others see reflections of their character, values, and morals in my own children.

And maybe one day …. my grandchildren.

Scott Conley- Owner


6 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. John Osowski

    He was a great man! I remember swimming in that pool! Best of luck Scott and family, hope to see you soon!

  2. LaDonna Olson

    My husband and I stopped by this wonderful store today on our way back to Ocala from attending Micanopy Festival. We had a very enjoyable time admiring all the amazing products and goodies at the beautiful country store. We were so happy we were able to meet this fine young man, Scott. Scott was a joy and his grandparents would be so proud we are sure. We plan to stop by often and looking forward the “Christ”mas season at the store. LaDonna and Jeff Olson

  3. Ann Wolff

    My husband and I were at your beautiful store today. You, your family and your store are a treasure to our Community. We stopped to buy pecans and found so many treasurers. Your store is setup so beautifully selling local and near produce, jellies, honey, hard to find local made products and so much more. Thank you for one of the most friendly and inviting shopping experiences in Marion County. Wising you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Successful Happy New Year. See you again soon! Don and Ann from Ocala

    • We are so glad you liked our store. A lot of thought has gone into making it a special place and it means so much when others appreciate that, too. God bless and hope to see you again!

  4. Anne

    This past Saturday morning I stopped by on my way home to Maryland and bought a couple dozen oranges. Ate one and juiced one this morning. Delicious! I told my family in Florida to stop at your store when they are in the area. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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